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Private & Corporate Y2K Websites


Lean, mean, and easy to navigate, the wild2k Website specializes in "the best of the best" of Y2K (yes, that's where you are!).

The Cassandra Project

Wonder if anyone is doing anything in your community about Y2K? Or perhaps you want to let others, around the world, know that you are? Here's where to sign up and/or find out what others are doing. The Cassandra Project focuses on supporting grassroots Y2K movements. Among other things, it includes a directory of local Y2K groups around the country (and world), numerous Y2K preparation lists, great links, and many other Y2K resources.

Public Safety Accountability

Paloma O'Riley, Co-Founder of the Cassandra Project, resigned from the Cassandra Project so she could bring more pressure to bear on officials responsible for Y2K preparedness efforts around the country. The mission/goal of the site is "To motivate officials, administrators and individuals whose responsibility includes safeguarding the public, to develop contingency plans and public awareness campaigns for potential Y2K problems." Among other things, this website contains important status reports and informative Y2K primers.

Center for Y2K & Society

The Center for Y2K & Society is one of the nation's most active and well-connected Y2K organizations. Their website contains some of the best Y2K resources on the Net. In addition, they publish a special "Y2K Center Alert" that notifies readers of important news stories, updates to their website, and no-nonsense, hard-hitting special reports that examine controversial Y2K topics with a fine-toothed comb. The Center for Y2K & Society has also provided grants to 44 non-profit organizations engaged in various Y2K efforts and created a comprehensive Y2K Community Report Card to help communities determine their Y2K readiness.

Coalition 2000

Coalition 2000 is working as a collaborative network to help communities prepare for the Year 2000 by providing them with credible information and tools. The Coalition is dedicated to using cooperative partnership process involving community, government, and private sector groups. Resources include: Conference calls with the assistance of the President's Y2K Council among participants in Y2K community preparedness, discussion lists, links to important, community-oriented websites, and a list of community, city, neighborhood, individual preparedness resources.

Be Aware & Prepare

The united efforts of private citizens, state, city, and county officials in the state of Oregon to proclaim September as a month to "Be Aware & Prepare" resulted in the launch of this website which seels to help individuals and communities prepare for a variety of emergencies and natural disasters.Among other things, this website contains simple, doable strategies in cooperation with an excellent interactive "R U Risk Ready Guide & Checklist" written by Wayne Schumacher.

Y2K-Breakthrough Home Page

This site focuses on using the Y2K crisis to make a better world through encouraing sustainable communities, social change, and personal and cultural transformation. It is full of thought-provoking articles and important links to inspired people and organizations. Highly recommended.

Y2K: Creative Opportunity on the Edge of Change

David La Chapelle writes: "Y2K is an event which may be a miner's canary of larger systemic weaknesses in our planetary infrastructure. It is important to remember that the possible dislocations and disturbances brought about by Y2K may indeed be pointing us in new directions. No matter what the outcome of Y2k a more sustainable way of living, closer community ties, and renewal of spirit are but a few possibilities to emerge from this 'crisis.'The edge of chaos is often where the most growth occurs in a whole variety of natural systems. Y2K is an event which is already breaking up old ways of doing business. We have an opportunity to arrive at new solutions and new possibilities in the midst of what could be difficulties and disruptions." You will find articles, links and suggestions for navigating the ever-shifting world of Y2K on this site.

Gary North

Gary North is one of the earliest, loudest, most consistently uncompromising voices to declare Y2K is going to destroy the current world order. Yes, it's true that North has strong Christian-based apocalyptic leanings, and yes it is also true that North has made numerous doomsday predictions about other events, none of which came true. North still has one of the best Y2K websites on the planet. Along with maintaining an extensive Y2K database, North also updates his site daily with news stories and commentary -- much of which is very insightful.

The Year 2000 Information Center

Originally created by Peter de Jager, a well-known programmer and spokesperson for Y2K issues, this website is one of the oldest, biggest, most Y2K information cram-packed on the Net. Among other things, it includes a terrific Y2K news clipping service, mailing list (see Y2K Mailing Lists for more information), archives, list of Y2K job opportunities and venders.

Y2K Chaos: The Survival Site

Loads of practical "how to" information concerning all aspects of Y2K: Links, forums, survival guides, gardening, foraging, outdoor survival, home schooling, alternative energy, herbs, home medicine, and more.

Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economic Network

Ed Yardeni is the Chief Economist and a Managing Director of Deutsche Morgan Grenfell (North American). He writes the Weekly Economic Analysis, Weekly Economic Briefing, and Y2K Reporter. He previously served as Chief Economist for C.J. Lawrence, Prudential Securities, and E.F. Hutton. He taught at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business, and was an economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He also held positions at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the U.S. Treasury Department in Washington, D.C. His greatest claim to fame with respect to Y2K is that he is the most well-known economist, with one of the best economic forecasting records in the world, focusing on Y2K. Along with speaking at Congressional hearings, appearing on Y2K television specials, and organizing worldwide, Internet-based Y2K global conferences, Yardeni also has an impressive Y2K website and offers an online newsletter (see Y2K Mailing Lists for more information). 

Westergaard Year 2000

Along with your usual assortment of Y2K links, books, and other information, the Westergaard 2000 Website offers a series of expert columnists and also publishes one of the best daily Y2K News Updates on the Net (see Y2K Mailing Lists for more information).

Ranking of Year 2000 Seriousness

(Includes predictions by Joel Ackerman, Dave Bettinger, Joe Boivin, Dr. Douglass Carmichael, Peter de Jager, Thierry Falissard, Dennis Elenburg, Karl Feilder, Cory K. Hamasaki, Adam Kaplan, Roleigh Martin, Dr. Leon Kappleman, Russ Kelly, Dr. Gary North, Scott Olmsted, Charles Reuben, Alan Simpson, Harlan Smith, Dr. Ed Yardeni, Ed Yourdon)


Based in Washington D.C. and billing itself as "the world's largest information resource on the Y2K problem," Y2Ktoday draws upon a daily newsfeed of 500 stories created by its own team of writers and newswire reports from around the world. The Y2Ktoday site also providing in-depth analyses, expert commentary, and industry and community status reports.

  • Up-to-the-minute, breaking news on Y2K
  • Investigative journalism of Y2K issues
  • An archive of news stories with a powerful search engine
  • Information from government, private sector, and other sources
  • Remediation resources, status reports, strategies, and "lessons learned"
  • Information sorted by country and geographic region
  • Information sorted by industry
  • Community-preparedness organizations
  • Chat rooms
  • Discussion boards

The Y2K Investor

Created by Tony Keyes, author of "The Year 2000 Crisis: An Investor's Survival Guide", this website examines the financial side of the Y2K problem: good links, informative discussion board (which includes Edward Yardeni as a guest commentator and email notification of new posts -- see Y2K Bulletin Boards & Discussion Groups for more information).

Millennium Salons

Millennium Salons offers interactive forums, a way for visitors to add important links to the website, and a collection of especially important Y2K documents suitable for printing and distribution. "This site," writes Bill Dale, the creator/administrator, "is almost completely contrary to any other you visit because it depends on the participation and input of those who visit it, as opposed to a web master's skill and editorial judgement as to what you ought to find out about."

CPSR Y2k Working Group Home Page

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) believes that governments and organizations worldwide must immediately address the very serious threat posed to individuals, organizations, governments, and economies by the Year 2000 computer problem.They use their website to promote year 2000 awareness, mitigation, contingency planning, and preparedness. Limited, often incomplete information, but some of it is worth seeing.

CPSR Y2k Working Group Rumor Central

There are all kinds of Y2K rumors about what will, or won't, what has, or hasn't happened. Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) seeks to track these rumors and either discredit and/or verify them.

Y2K "Insider" Info

The Editor of the Y2kWatch News email list has created a way for "insiders" to share information about how Y2K efforts in "the Iron Triangle" -- public utilities, telecommunication companies, and financial institutions -- are really going...

Electric Utilities & Year 2000

This website seeks to impart "a sense of the sheer magnitude of the Y2k problem in the electric utility business." Rick Cowles, the creator of the site and author of the book, "Electric Utilities and Y2K", is one of the leading experts on the Year 2000 (Y2K) computer problem, specializing in Y2K impact on the electric utility industry and microprocessor based control systems. He is a founding member of the Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility's Y2K Working Group, and has been featured on NPR's "Morning Edition", "All Things Considered", Tony Keyes' "Y2K Advisor" radio program, NBC's "Today Show", and other North American based broadcast media outlets. Rick has also testified on the Y2K problem in the electric industry before the U.S. House of Representatives Science Committee, Subcommittee on Technology. He has chaired Y2K conferences, and speaks frequently on the topic at seminars worldwide.

Electric Utilities & Year 2000 -- Hot Links

Links to many utilities and other important Y2K resources.

Y2K & Nuclear Power

This website contains several great articles and petition drives that examine the Y2K vulnerabilities of nuclear power plants.

NERC Year 2000

The U.S. Department of Energy has asked the North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) to assume a leadership role in preparing the electricity production and delivery systems of the United States for the transition to the Year 2000 (Y2K). Their website comes complete with current plans, reports, assessment questionnaire, workshops, and other information.

Toxics/Nukes Issues Pertaining to Y2K

A great collection of links and articles pertaining to toxic and nuclear accident issues.

The Right to Know Network

The Right-to-Know Network provides free access to numerous databases, text files, and conferences on the environment, housing, and sustainable development. With the information available on RTK.NET, you can identify specific factories and their environmental effects; analyze reinvestment by banks in their communities; and assess people and communities affected.


Another website that tracks pollutants, from multiple sources. "Just enter your zip code and find out what pollutants are being released into your community -- and who is responsible." Provided by the Environmental Defense Fund.

Rx2000 Solutions Institute

A comprehensive website for all aspects of Y2K and the health care industry.

YEAR 2000 - Information for Waste Dischargers

The purpose of these web pages is twofold: first, to gather together copies of documents and links that will help waste dischargers understand the potential impacts on water quality of non-Y2k compliant computer systems and embedded microchips (microprocessors contained in most electronic devices); and second, to provide a forum where dischargers can share experiences they have had dealing with Y2k issues. 

The American Red Cross

This special section on The American Red Cross Website to describes what Y2K is and provides a check list of things to do to prepare for possible disruptions.

EPRI & Embedded Chips

EPRI has initiated a "Year 2000 Issues for Embedded Systems" project to complement the efforts already underway by many companies. The program acts as a focal point for collection, synthesis, and discussion of practical information to address potential consequences.

Preparing for the Year 2000/1999 Crash

Scott Olmsted is a software engineer with more than 20 years experience on computers of many sizes and varieties. His consulting firm, Automated Enterprises, has been creating custom software on PC's for engineering projects since 1991. Olmsted first became aware of the Year 2000 Problem sometime in the 1980's. Since April, 1997 he has been following this potential disaster closely: Personal comments, good links, overview articles, database of Cory Hamasaki's newsletters.

Ed Yourdon

Home base of Ed Yourdon, programmer, Y2K speaker, and best-selling author of "Time Bomb 2000." There are some outstanding overview articles on this website.

Y2K for Women

"What every woman needs to know and how to keep herself and her family safe." Along with a few Y2K links and general information, the Y2K for Women Website is home base to Karen Anderson's "Dear Karen: Advice for Women on Y2K!" online newsletter (see Y2K Mailing Lists for more information).

Michael S. Hyatt's Y2KPrep

Along with providing news, good links and helpful suggestions, Michael S. Hyatt's main gift to Y2K is his ability to write thought-provoking articles -- and books. You'll find a sample of his work here.

The Y2K Watch

Home of Dennis Elenburg's Y2K Weatherman Report (see Y2K Mailing Lists for more information).

Conniry's Native Skills & Wilderness School

Books, cassettes, videos and workshops in wilderness skills that promote positive personal growth.

Ranking of Year 2000 Seriousness

(Includes predictions by Joel Ackerman, Dave Bettinger, Joe Boivin, Dr. Douglass Carmichael, Peter de Jager, Thierry Falissard, Dennis Elenburg, Karl Feilder, Cory K. Hamasaki, Adam Kaplan, Roleigh Martin, Dr. Leon Kappleman, Russ Kelly, Dr. Gary North, Scott Olmsted, Charles Reuben, Alan Simpson, Harlan Smith, Dr. Ed Yardeni, Ed Yourdon)


There's not much here, but the idea is worth at least three mice: The monthly contest for the stupidest thing said about the Year 2000 problem.

The Year 2000 Doghouse

The "Y2K Doghouse" is the place to go for a comprehensive list of the biggest Y2K Slackers. Placement in the "Y2K Doghouse" is open to "All public and commercial entities and their elected and non-elected representatives who 1) exhibit a poor appreciation of the Year 2000 Problem and its implications, and/or 2) fail to show the appropriate initiative and leadership in addressing their internal Y2K Project." Visitors to this website can also nominate their own Y2K slackers...

Microsoft Y2K Home Page

If you use a PC like most of the world does, then chances are you've got Y2K problems. Here's where to find out more about the Y2K problems your Microsoft software programs have.

Apple Computer

While only a small percentage of the world presently uses Macintosh computers, as the August 1998 issue of CONSUMER REPORTS points out, "If you own a Macintosh computer, there's little to worry about -- all are Y2K compliant." Macintosh computers will be fine until the year 29940.

Mac Y2K Heads-Up List

While Macintosh hardware and system software are compliant, some third-party software programs are not. Here's is where you can find out more...



Community/Grassroots Y2K Website Directories:

Cassandra Project:
Y2K Community Preparedness Work Groups


The best source of information on the Internet for grassroots groups preparing for Y2K disturbances. Many have websites and email addresses.

Resilient Communities

An innovative grassroots project that seeks to foster sustainable, resilient forms of community -- locally, nationally and internationally. One of the centerpieces of this website is a series of satellite conferences that will be linking groups all over the world to discuss resilient issues.

Napa Valley: Other Communities

A growing list of cities around the country that have their own Y2K Websites. The Napa Valley Website is also an excellent example of an effective grassroots Y2K organization.

Y2K Community Project: Featured Community Websites

Another growing list of Y2K community groups around the country.

Survival Communities (& Y2K Preparedness Groups)

An eclectic-mix of all kinds of community/preparedness groups from the United States and Canada. Many are focused on preparing for Y2K, while many others have been preparing for all kinds of potential disasters long before Y2K appeared on the horizon.




Best of the Best Community/Grassroots Websites

(This list contains the best, most active and informative community-oriented Y2K websites. For a list of all community-oriented websites, please visit the links in the "Community/Grassroots Y2K Website Directories" section above.)


Sedona Y2K Task Force
Tucson Year 2000 Center


Napa Valley


Hawaii Y2K (Kauai)



New York:



Multnomah County
Rogue Valley Task Force


Dallas Area Y2k Community Preparedness Group
Montgomery County


Northern Virginia



Government Y2K Websites

U.S. Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem

Senator Bennett Speeches & Statements

Y2K Consumer Information

According to Robert Szabo, Y2K Webmaster with the Federal Trade Commission, the Y2K Consumer Website "provides reliable, helpful and current information available from both government and non-government sources on a variety of consumer-related topics, such as health, children, food, and home and community. Over 1,000 links to consumer Y2K compliance information from manufacturers, associations, federal, state and local agencies. Includes a Y2K consumer checklist.We give it five mice because it does, indeed, contain a lot of important information anduseful links. At the same time, we remind you that a lot of the information, which often comes from government and corporate sources, is not necessarily objective, or reliable...

International Civil Aviation Y2K Information Review

Created by the U.S. Department of Transportation, the "International Civil Aviation Y2K Information Review" Website contains the following information: 1. A country-by-country review of reported Y2K status of country air traffic service providers, foreign international airports, and foreign based international carriers; 2. A review of Y2K status of the U.S. National Airspace System, U.S. international airports, and U.S.-based international carriers; 3. Aviation Y2K Links.

U.S. Government's Year 2OOO Directory

U. S. Federal Government Gateway for Year 2000 Information Directories

U.S. Small Business Administration

U.S. Government Y2K Compliancy Grades

We've all seen those government score cards. This is where you can find the current Y2K U.S. government Y2K compliancy grades issued by Representative Stephen Horn, R-CA, Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Government Management, Information, and Technology.

Y2K Congressional Hearings

We've all heard about a flurry of Y2K meetings taking place in Congress. Here's where you find out when those meetings were held, what was said, and by whom.

President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion

Environmental Protection Agency Year 2000 Website

Federal Register: Presidental Executive Orders

Federal Reserve Board:
Year 2000-Century Date Change Initiatives


What is Your State Doing About Y2K?

U.S. State & Local Governments

Oregon's "Other State Year 2000 Efforts

FDIC Year 2000 Home Page

This is where you can find the latest news from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) concerning the status of the U.S. banking system: FDIC papers, Y2K seminars, congressional hearings, related government links. The FDIC also publishes an email newsletter (see Y2K Mailing Lists for more information).

National Government Websites

A list of government websites from around the world that deal with Y2K.

Year 2000 Impact on Biomedical Equipment

Created by the Food & Drug Administration, this website tracks the Y2K compliancy of medical equipment.




Y2K & the Legal System

Legal Guidelines

Y2K Litigation Safeguards

Ten Management & Ten Legal Pitfalls

Year 2000 Law Center

Year 2000 Legal Directory

Legal Issues for State & Federal Governments





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