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The NHNE Y2K List

Sponsored by the folks who bring you wild2k, this mailing list is facilitated by David Sunfellow, the founder and publisher of NHNE. This list receives news and information that David sends out concerning all aspects of Y2K. You can subscribe at no charge by sending an email to nhney2k-subscribe@onelist.com. David typically sends out several messages a day.

Sanger & Shannon's Review of Y2K News Reports

This is the best daily news report on the Net. Sent out via email every evening, Sanger & Shannon's Review of Y2K News Reports cover the most important news stories of the day. Especially important stories are typically referenced many times to various versions of the same story. News items are summarized and always contain links to original articlse. You can subscribe by sending a blank email message to "sangersreviewtext-subscribe@onelist.com".

Douglass Carmichael's Y2K Week X Report

This weekly newsletter contains a smorgasbord of news, antidotes, insider news, and thought-provoking commentary. If you really want to find out what's going on the in the world of Y2K and, equally important, also want to look at the week's most compelling stories through a unique set of looking glasses, this is the list to subscribe to. You can subscribe at no charge by sending an email to subscribe-y2kweek@lists.tmn.com

Westergaard Year 2000 Daily EMail Alert

Published every day, this email alert informs readers of the latest changes to one of the most informative and well-connected websites on the Net, The Westergaard 2000 Website. Started by John Westergaard, who was instrumental in generating interest in Washington D.C. about the Y2K crisis, The Westergaard 2000 Website serves as home base to some of the nation's most prominent Y2K experts who write regular columns on all aspects of the Y2K situation.

Center for Y2K & Society Alert

The Center for Y2K & Society sends out their "Y2K Center Alert" once, sometimes twice a week. As one of the nation's most active and well-connected Y2K organizations, their alerts include important news stories, links to important resources, and no-nonsense, hard-hitting reports that examine controversial topics with fine-toothed combs. Along with a website that offers some of the best Y2K resources on the Net, The Center for Y2K & Society has also provided grants to 44 non-profit organizations engaged in various Y2K efforts and created a comprehensive Y2K Community Report Card to help communities determine their Y2K readiness.

The Year 2000 Announcement List

Infrequent but informative, the Year 2000 Announcement List is a low volume mailing list that provides notification of updates to The Year 2000 Information Center, including notices of new technical articles and important vendors. At last count (8/22/98), there were 73,638 subscribers to this list.

Dr. Ed Yardeni's Y2K Mailing List

Ed Yardeni is the Chief Economist and a Managing Director of Deutsche Morgan Grenfell (North American). He writes the Weekly Economic Analysis, Weekly Economic Briefing, and Y2K Reporter. He previously served as Chief Economist for C.J. Lawrence, Prudential Securities, and E.F. Hutton. He taught at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business, and was an economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. He also held positions at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the U.S. Treasury Department in Washington, D.C. His greatest claim to fame with respect to Y2K is that he is the most well-known economist, with one of the best economic forecasting records in the world, who is predicting a major worldwide recession because of Y2K. His online newsletters are sporadic, but always contain very important Y2K-related news.

PC Week's Y2K Watch

PC Week's Y2K Watch provides IT professionals with the latest news, reviews, case studies and resources. Each free biweekly mailing includes links to the Year 2000 updates and resources.

Dear Karen: Advice for Women on Y2K!

Delivered via email every week, this newsletter provides information and encouragement to women concerning Y2K issues. It focuses on some of the emotional issues and questions that many women have. Each week Karen Anderson picks at least two letters that are representative of a particular concern and answer them in the zine. Topics will include Financial, Elderly, Relocation, Female Concerns, Unbelieving Husbands, Single Parent Moms, Survival, Health, Denial, Community Awareness, Church Awareness, Preparedness, Communications, and more.

The Y2K-News E-Mail List

Y2k-News is delivered a maximum 5 times a week,with no more than 30 minutes of reading material per week. Regular features of Y2k-News include "The Y2k Weatherman Report" (commentary from Dennis Elenburg, the Y2k Weatherman), "Y2k Flash" (Y2k news summaries with links to complete articles) and the "Y2k Bullet" (preparedness information and subscriber feedback). Along with providing a wide variety of interesting Y2K information, Y2k-News also has a strong Christian focus.

To subscribe to send email to:
leave the subject field blank and write:
"subscribe" (without the quotes) in the message field  

Citizens for Y2K Recovery Newsletter

Y2K Preparedness/Recovery Newsletter Published every other month in electronic or printed form, the newsletter focuses on the "nuts and bolts" of preparing for Y2K: relocation, back-up power and communications, the storage of food and other essentials, financial asset protection, medical preparedness, community involvement and records management. Members' feedback appear as Case Histories, product usage experiences (good and bad) and new information resources. Timely developments in the news and product areas are also covered.

Y2K News Bulletin

Y2K News Bulletin is offered by the National Bulletin Board for Year 2000. The Y2K News Bulletin is emailed once a month to inform readers about important updates to the IT2000 Website and any other developments about Year 2000 issues.

NERC Mailing List

North American Electric Reliability Council (NERC) is in charge of preparing the electricity production and delivery systems of the United States for the transition to the Year 2000 (Y2K). The above link will allow you to join their mailing list.

FDIC-Y2K Mailing List

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has a subscription email list. Subscribers receive the latest announcements, publications and other materials regarding Year 2000 Date Change issues.

To subscribe, simply send an email to:


on the first line of the email, type:

subscribe fdic-y2k

followed by your name. Send the message and in a few minutes, you will receive a confirmation message. From then on, you will receive all the FDIC's latest information on Y2K.

The NHNE Y2K Report

While this weekly report is no longer being published, NHNE maintains a database of past issues which cover the past's most important news stories, information, and resources concerning all aspects of Y2K. With a special focus on personal growth and planetary transformation, this weekly report also contains information on the deeper aspects of Y2K.





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