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General Suppliers:

Real Goods

The best source we know of for alternative energy and sustainable living resources. They carry everything from the newest, best-designed solar energy kits, to wind up flashlights and radios, to water purification kits.

Survival & Energy Info

Links to every conceivable survival and energy concern under the sun.

Preparedness Products from Insight Discounts

C. Crane Products

AM/FM Receivers and Antennas, Auto Radios and Antennas, Shortwave Receivers and Antennas, Lightning Protection, Scanner Radios, Antennas & Accessories, Tape Recorders, Transceivers, Family Radio System, CB Radios and Antennas, Ham Radios and Antennas, Business Band Radios and Antennas and more. Several wind up and solar models.

Dewey Research Center

B & A Products

Ford's Military Surplus

Military surplus. Army goods. Uniforms. Boots. Survival products. Emergency preparedness gear. Camping supplies. Food storage items. Gasoline Generators. Diesel Generators. Military Generators. Night vision. Police and rescue equipment.


Food Storage Suppliers:


A marketplace supporting your efforts to prepare for Y2k with emergency food and supplies. Freeze Dried and dehydrated foods from several sources. One year one person food units allowing you to eat well for less than $18.00 a week a person. Come visit. WizCity is a member of the wild2k network of sister sites.


Quality food (not just rice and beans) from one of the largest dehydrated food distributors in the country. They keep large reserves to prevent back orders. Y2KFoods.Net processes your order in about 2-3 days and you receive your food in normal shipping time (2-4 weeks). All their foods have a 12-15 year self-life (real-time testing for 24-26 years.), are properly packaged in nitrogen, and are dried from raw.

Farmer Direct

Pleasant Hill Grain Farm

Perma Pac Food Distributors

Alpine Air Foods

Ready Reserve Foods

Family Preparation Now



Power Suppliers:

Survival & Energy Info

Links to every conceivable survival and energy concern under the sun.

The Juice Page

This site contains excellent information about how to select an off-the-grid generator. Among other things, it includes an applications chart so you can determine what capacity generator you need, safety information, what you might need to interface your generator to your home, and over 45 links to manufacturers, sales and service outlets.

Twisted Oak Alternative Energy

A wide variety of solar, wind, steam and other kinds of generators, complete with the following promise: "At Twisted Oak Alternative Energy we believe you should be able to speak with a real live person. We value our customers opinions and feedback and enjoy establishing a relationship with them. To that end, ordering is as simple as contacting us via e-mail or phone at the numbers below. We will gladly take your order and/or answer any questions you might have."

Alternative Energy Systems Company of Mississippi

Electric power from the sun, wind and water.


Solar cookers, solar distillers, solar hot water systems, solar bikes, and more.

Biodiesel, Vegetable Oil, & the Veggie Van


Gardening Suppliers:

The Ark Institute's Survival Seed Package

The Survival Seed Package contains enough seed to feed a family of four all of the vegetables, fresh and canned, frozen or dried, for a full year if grown well. You will not have to plant all of your seed. You can save up to half of it as a back-up for next year in case of seed shortages or crop failures. In addition, you will receive both grain corn and wheat for flours (multiply wheat this year) as well as a couple of herbs. Since all of the seed is non-hybrid, seed harvested from your garden vegetables CAN be saved for next year and future years' crops. This Package will literally provide you with the foundation of a lifetime food supply for your family if grown and managed wisely.

Back To Eden Survival Seed Kit


Here is a list of seed companies that sell non-hybrid seeds:

Burpee Heirloom Seed Catalog
W. Atlee Burpee Co., 300 Park Ave.
Warminister, PA 18991-0008

Comstock Ferre
263 Main St.
Wethersfield, CT 06109

Heirloom Seeds
P.O. Box 245
West Elizabeth, PA 15332
www.heir loomseeds.com

Landis Valley Museum Heirloom Seed Project
2451 Kissel Hill Road
Lancaster, PA 17601-4899

Old Sturbridge Village Museum and Select Seeds
180 Stickney Road
Union, CT 06076

Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants
P.O. Box 318
Charlottesville, VA 22902

White Flower Farm
Shepard's Garden Seeds
30 Irene St.
Torrington, CT 06790


Misc. Tips, Tricks & Info

Affordable Energy Backup

Daniel Drasin (ddrasin@aol.com) of Y2K Central created this outstanding list. It contains specific recommendations and contact information for a wide variety of off the grid products. Highly recommended.

Home Brew Generator: Building Your Own Generator

Composting Toilet World

Y2K Food Situation & Recommendations

A list of links to important articles and resources concerning various aspects of our food situation.


A few questions and answers about water storage.

Y2K United States Plastic Corp.

Plastic water storage drums, food storage containers, bags, buckets, and more. Products ship the same day on 90% of all orders taken.

Solar Cooks

So, you've got a solar cooker and are looking for some great solar recipes. Here's where to go: recipes, links, solar cooker events, and more.

The Aprotech Rocket Stove


  • The combustion chamber is insulated in order to keep the fire hot and to burn the wood more completely, thereby reducing smoke which is uncombusted fuel.

  • Rocket Stoves are low mass, meaning the stove robs less heat from the pot.

  • An insulated chimney creates a very strong draft which helps the wood burn more fiercely. The wood is burned at the tips and is shoved in towards the fire which controls the rate of burn and reduces smoke.

  • Since the Rocket Stove operates at very high temperatures, there is very little smoke and you cook right over the chimney!

Emergency Preparedness Food Storage Calculator

Tired of figuring out how much food to store for yourself or your family? With this calculator, you simply fill in how many adults, teenagers, children and babies you have, and it calculates how much assorted food items you need for the length of time you specify.

Laura's Parenting Page

An excellent source of alternative parenting resources, including information on home birthing, breast feeding, circumcision, vaccination, and other issues of concern to parents and their children.






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