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Important Y2K Databases:

Westergaard Year 2000 Y2K Tips of the Week

This database contains the weekly columns of Y2K author and speaker, and Westergaard 2000 Website columnist, Jim Lord. Lord covers everything from "off-the-grid" power systems to Y2K community gatherings. Along with dealing with specific Y2K issues, Lord also provides solid, easy-to-understand overviews.

Sharefin's Y2K Page

Links to everything Y2K: Latest news, information, FAQ's, articles, government organizations, mailing lists, discussion groups, websites, you name it...

Preparedness Nuggets Pages

News, information, advice, comments, and practical suggestions relating to themes of prudent, frugal, and simple living and preparedness for disasters and emergencies. Compiled by Mrs. Julianne Wiley, this is a great source of information concerning all aspects of Y2K preparation.

The NHNE Y2K Report

Copies of the NHNE Y2K Report are databased here. The NHNE Y2K Report covers the week's most important Y2K developments, including the week's most important news stories and information. All of the information in these reports is meticulously referenced to source documents, websites and news stories.

TriCities2000 Archive

An archive of messages posted to the TriCities 2000 Discussion List, which is hosted by Julianne Wiley. A wide variety posts covering all aspects of Y2K.

How-To Survival Library

A library full of all kinds of Y2K survival tips and practical information.

The Sedona Y2K Discussion List Archive

This archive contains posts to the Sedona Y2K Discussion List. Most of these posts relate to important Y2K news stories, information, and Y2K community and grassroots efforts.

Westergaard Y2K Predictions

Westergaard 2000 columnists and other Y2K experts offer their predictions about Y2K.

Gary North's Y2K Links & Forums:
Main Categories Page
Introduction to Y2K Archive

Although North's views are colored by apocalyptic expectations and conservative Christian values, he has one of oldest and largest Y2K databases on the Net. Well-connected and well-informed concerning all aspects of the Y2K situation, North includes thought-provoking commentaries with most of the news stories and events he reports on. North's exhaustive database covers all aspects of the Y2K crisis.

The Y2K Weatherman Archive

This archive contains posts to the Y2K Weatherman mailing list. A growing number of the posts databased here come from "insiders" who are reporting on what is happening with Y2K compliancy efforts behind the scenes...

Cory Hamasaki's Current DC Y2K Weather Reports

Wonder what professional programmers are doing and thinking about current Y2K news and developments? Here's where you can find out. Legendary programmer Cory Hamaskai publishes a weekly newsletter covering all kinds of Y2K topics, including the latest news stories. He also regularly reports on events, hearings, and other Y2K happenings in Washington D.C. Writing in a "shoot-from-the hip" fashion, Hamaskai systematically shreds all thoughts that simple repair jobs can be done on Y2K problems.

Cory Hamasaki's Past DC Y2K Weather Reports

The Year 2000 Archives

A collection of some of the best articles on Y2K on the Net, databased on one of the oldest and most important Y2K websites.

Breakthrough Articles

A solid, well-rounded selection of "breakthrough" articles on a variety of Y2K topics with a special focus on how to use the Y2K crisis to promote personal growth, sustainable cultures, and planetary transformation. Written and/or selected by Tom Atlee.

Tools You Can Use

A collection of Y2K speeches, articles and other information posted on the Millennium Salon Websites.

Millennium Journals

Published by Data Dimensions, a company that specializes in Y2K issues, the Millennium Journal is a monthly publication that focuses on Y2K issues. The articles available in their database cover a variety of Y2K issues, and are geared mostly towards to business and programming strategies.

The Cassandra Project's Y2K Occurences

Real-life examples of Y2K-related problems in government, corporate and other arenas.

Embedded System Failures

Well-sourced list of embedded chip failures.

Real-Life Examples of Date Related Problems for Electric Utilities
From the EUY2K.COM Website (Rick Cowles)

Real-life examples of Y2K-related problems that electric companies have experienced.

2000amIsafe - Air Travel Related Companies

Y2K reports from air travel related companies. Includes a 5 Star rating system.

Senator Bennett Speeches & Statements

Year 2000 Grades, Statements & Reports
From Representative Stephen Horn, R-CA
Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Government Management, Information, and Technology


One of the most important links on the wild2k website, this link leads to a table of contents which, in turn, leads to information published by Stephen Horn and his Congressional Subcommittee. Horn's Congressional Subcommittee has been issuing grades for U.S. Government agencies and explaining, in stark, no-nonsense detail, exactly why Y2K is such a problem and how the U.S. Government is dealing with the crisis. Overall, the assessment of Horn's committee is not good.

Ranking of Year 2000 Seriousness

(Includes predictions by Joel Ackerman, Dave Bettinger, Joe Boivin, Dr. Douglass Carmichael, Peter de Jager, Thierry Falissard, Dennis Elenburg, Karl Feilder, Cory K. Hamasaki, Adam Kaplan, Roleigh Martin, Dr. Leon Kappleman, Russ Kelly, Dr. Gary North, Scott Olmsted, Charles Reuben, Alan Simpson, Harlan Smith, Dr. Ed Yardeni, Ed Yourdon)

The Y2K Women Database

The online newsletters of Karen Anderson. "What every woman needs to know to keep herself and her family safe." Simple, clear, practical advice about many different Y2K-related concerns.

PC Magazine Year 2000 Resource Center

Tests for PC compliancy, a few opinion columns and articles, and links to important Y2K websites.

GartnerGroup Press Releases

Claiming to be the world's leading authority on information technology (IT), GartnerGroup has more than 33,000 individual clients, representing over 9,000 discrete organizations served by more than 750 research analysts in over 80 offices worldwide, located in 49 countries. Instead of reading their dire Y2K warnings and predictions in various news stories, you can go here and get it straight from the horse's mouth. One report worth reading is the Expert Testimony of Lou Marcoccio to the U.S. Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem, October 7th, 1998 Washington, D.C. It is based on a Gartner Group survey of 15,000 companies and government agencies in 81 countries.



Important Y2K Overview Articles:

An Open Letter to Alan Greenspan
Ed Yourdon
September 19, 1999

On September 17, 1999, Alan Greenspan gave a speech in Washington, D.C. to the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion, Financial Sector Group, Year 2000 Summit, and outlined where he felt things were at concerning various aspects of Y2K. Greenspan's speech can be found here. Ed Yourdon's point-by-point response to Greenspan's speech is linked above. Everyone interested in Y2K should read this.

The 100 Day Report

The Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem
September 22, 1999

The Senate's final report on where the United States (and much of the world) stands with respect to Y2K. Even longer than the Senate Committee's first report (see below), this report is also very sobering. The Executive Summary portion of the report, including the "Y2K Sector Risk Exposure Assessments" chart, can be reviewed by clicking here. The original report is posted on the U.S. Senate's website in pdf format.

Investigating the Impact of the Year 2000 Problem
The Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem
February 24, 1999

The most thorough government report to date, this 163 page report examines all aspects of the Y2K problem. "The good news," says the report, "is that talk of the death of civilization... has been greatly exaggerated. The bad news is that Committee research has concluded that the Y2K problem is very real and that Y2K risk management efforts must be increased to avert serious disruptions." Everyone interested in Y2K should be familiar with this comprehensive overview of Y2K.

I. Summary of Oversight Findings and Recommendations
The U.S. Committee on Government Reform and Oversight
October 8, 1998

This government-produced report deals with the Y2K crisis squarely, honestly, and decisively. Among other things, this no-nonsense, clearly written report mentions Y2K failures that have already occurred, discusses potential disasters that could happen, sites alarming predictions from credible sources, describes the dangerously slow progress of federal, state and local Y2K efforts, and outlines practical steps to deal with the developing Y2K crisis.

II. Report on the Committee's Oversight Review
The U.S. Committee on Government Reform and Oversight
October 8, 1998

A chilling step-by-step summary of how Chairman Stephen Horn's Congressional Subcommittee has tracked, graded and attempted to motivate government agencies to take the Y2K situation seriously. It includes the dates of specific hearings, as well as the summary of the main areas covered. Government agencies and representatives are mentioned by name and many examples are provided about the problems these agencies have been encountering in their attempt to become Y2K compliant. Direct, first hand, non-nonsense information.

Y2K Kit for Individuals & Communities

Written by David Goldberg and the Institute of Noetic Sciences Staff, this three-part special report provides a wonderful overview of Y2K and provides links to the planet's most important Y2K-related articles, organizations, and information. Highly recommended.

The Sedona Y2K Task Force Information Series

This list contains many of the best, most informative, credible and important Y2K articles available. It was compiled by the Sedona, Arizona Y2K Task Force for the people living in their community.

The Year 2000: Social Chaos or Social Transformation
By John L. Petersen, Margaret Wheatley, and Myron Kellner-Rogers

A sweeping description of how and why Y2K is such a serious problem. Also examines potential responses. Widely regarded as one of the best overviews on Y2K.

Y2K Citizen's Action Guide

Produced by Utne Reader, this inspiring guide covers all aspects of Y2K and includes articles by the nation's leading Y2K experts and visionaries, including Margaret Wheatley, Myron Kellner-Rogers, Larry Shook, Charles Halpern, Paul Friedman, Tom Atlee, Gordon Davidson, Margo King, Paloma O'Riley, Jim Lord, Kathy Garcia, John Steiner, Corinne McLaughlin, Doc Childre, Bruce Cryer and Eric Utne.

Speaking of Y2K

Produced by the Harbinger Institute, this manual provides a framework for constructive small-group discussions (often called "study circles") about Y2K. It's meant to be used in neighborhoods, workplaces, communities, families, groups of friends, churches, and other places where people might benefit from learning about Y2K together, and talking about how they might support each other's efforts to be prepared for possible problems. Speaking of Y2K includes: questions and background information for two, 2-hour small-group discussion sessions; suggested "homework" between sessions; basic guidance for running study circles; action ideas for individuals and groups.

Year 2000 Recession?
"Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best."

Dr. Edward Yardeni
Version 8.0, September 1, 1998

An extremely thorough and continuously updated overview of all aspects of the Y2K crisis by Ed Yardeni.

The Dangerous Place
By Ed Meagher
Tuesday, August 18, 1998

Ed Meagher, the author of this important overview article, has co-hosted an hour-long talk show on an all business news radio station, WWRC, in Washington, D.C. for the last two years called "The Y2K Advisor" with Tony Keyes. According to Meager, they have interviewed over three hundred movers and shakers, thinkers and critics, technicians and managers involved in the Y2K problem/solution. He believes he and his co-host have the broadest perspective over the greatest period of time of anyone involved in the Y2K issue. Recently, for the sake of being fair and opened minded, Meagher went back over all the stories, interviews and research that they have conducted to fairly evaluate where the Y2K situation is today. After graphically describing all the details involved in making computer systems Y2K compliant, Meagher concludes with these chilling words: "There is not one shred of evidence, or one success story, that should give anyone the idea that all will be well."

Is this Y2K problem for real?
By Tom Atlee

A thought-provoking selection of quotes, statistics, surveys, Y2K horror stories and other information related to Y2K.

Polishing Marbles
By Jim Lord & Gary North

Popular Y2K Westergaard 2000 Columnist Jim Lord provides a simple analogy to explain why Y2K is so difficult to deal with. Gary North expands on Lord's analogy providing one of the clearest, most entertaining Y2K explanations around.

The Millennium Bug
The Washington Post
August 2,3,4, 1998

An exhaustive three-part special report that covers all aspects of the Y2K crisis, including the status of business, federal and local governments. The story also includes links to many important Y2K resources.

Why the Year 2000 Problem Poses a Risk
to the Public Health & Safety,
& Continuity of Critical Infrastructure & Services
Compiled by The Cassandra Project

A clear, point by point overview of how all aspects of modern life could be affected by the Y2K situation. Areas covered include: Banking and Finance, Continuity of Government Services, Electrical Power Systems, Emergency Services, Gas and Oil Production, Storage and Transportation, Telecommunications, Transportation, Water Supply Systems, Chemical Process Industry, Environmental Systems, Food Supply and Distribution, Home systems, Non-Emergency Health Care Services, Monitoring and Warning Systems, Power and Heating Supplied By Gas, Natural Gas, and Oil, Criminal Justice System, Security/Access Systems.

Year 2000 FAQ
Maintained & Edited by Robert J. Sandler
Originally Created by John Moffitt
Version 2.3, 5/5/98

An FAQ that covers questions and answers concerning all aspects of the Y2K situation. In addition to covering a smorgasbord of important Y2K issues, the FAQ also contains the name and email addresses of many computer experts, as well as a list of valuable resources. Especially valuable for people interested in technical information.

Gary North's Y2K Links & Forums:
Main Categories Page


Writes Gary North, "I am regarded as an apocalyptic fanatic. Why? Because I have this odd theory: Until at least ONE Fortune 500 level corporation and ONE government above the county level announces, 'We are Year 2000-compliant; all of our programmers are now working on routine maintenance,' the Year 2000 Problem is not going to be solved. I am unaware of a single y2k-compliant organization anywhere on Earth with over 20 million lines of code in its mainframe computer system. Citicorp has 400 million lines; AT&T has 500 million lines. General Motors has two billion. Yet this Web site is regarded as extreme by its critics."

The Year 2000 Computer Challenge & the States - Part II
By Victor Porlier of the Westergaard 2000 Website
August 8, 1998

A well-written overview of the complexities and inter-relatedness of the Y2K problem. Among other things, Victor Porlier itemizes the five main areas that are involved in the crisis -- and how they affect one another.

What Companies Are Spending on Y2K

Here's a no-frills chart that helps put the Y2K crisis in perspective. Based on '97 and '98 Securities and Exchange Commission filings, this chart compares the Y2K repair estimates of several major corporations with their annual income for 1997. If money is any indication of how seriously the corporations listed on this chart are viewing Y2K, they are taking it very seriously...

NHNE Special Report:
The Millennium Time Bomb

July 2, 1998

This is the report that led to the creation of the wild2k Website. It contains excerpts from the June 2, 1998, CENTER FOR STRATEGIC & INTERNATIONAL STUDIES (CSIS) conference that was attended by some of the world's leading Y2K experts. It also contains news stories, miscellaneous facts, quotes, Y2K links and lists, and a discussion about how the Y2K situation may be an event of the same magnitude as World War II and other "Fourth Turning" events in human history.


Important Y2K General Articles & Resources:

Y2KNewswire.Com Cash Computer

What happens if large numbers of Americans take out all, most, or even significant chunks of cash from their local banks? Can the banking system handle the strain? The folks at Y2KNewswire.Com have created a mathematical model that explores various scenarios based on your input. This link also provides hard facts and links to the Federal Reserve, U.S. Census Bureau and other government agencies.

Year 2000: A Checklist for Technical Managers

A comprehensive five-point list that itemizes the process used by professional programmers to make computer systems Y2K compliant. The five main sections, which are explained in detail on the site linked above, are:

1. Inventory and Initial Assessment: (5 percent of time)

2. Impact Assessment and Conversion Planning: (20 percent of time)

3. Systems Conversion: (20 percent of time)

4. Unit and System Testing: (45 percent of time)

5. Implementation and Business Partner Links: (10 percent of time)

Y2K Activities in Nuclear Installations of IAEA Member States

What Are the Positive Aspects of Y2K?
By Jim Lord
August 3, 1998

A very important column that describes how important the Internet is and will be in dealing with the Y2K crisis. Writes Lord:

"The Internet will play two critical roles in the history of Y2K. First, during the period leading up to the great date roll-over, the Internet will be the most effective way to provide information about how to prepare for the Year 2000 Crisis. Preparing for Y2K cannot be done effectively without being on the Internet because that's where the valuable data are.

"Secondly, both before and after the peak of the crisis, the Internet will be the cure for many of those old Y2K infected systems. We won't get all of them fixed before January 2000; that will take several years. For many companies, the only path to survival will be to convert those old systems to Internet based technologies. Some will not make it but many will and it will help to change the world in ways we can hardly imagine."

Twelve "Any Time, Any Place" Survival Tips
By David Sunfellow

January 27, 1995

While not specifically geared toward Y2K, these twelve survival tips offer insightful advice for passing through the kind of dramatic changes that Y2K may unleash.

Why community-based responses to the Year 2000 Problem
make more sense than individual survivalism

By Tom Atlee

A Draft Guide for Citizen Action on Utility Y2K Compliance
By Tom Atlee
Version 1.0, September 27, 1998

A guide for pressuring their local utilities to put more attention on Y2K remediation and contingency plans. Also includes questions concerning utility/government plans to promote alternative energy sources and decentralized energy systems, and to use Y2K preparations to reduce long-term energy use in the community (or anything else that might help build a sustainable energy system) -- as well developing the community's capacity to access alternative sources of water (rain catchments, unpolluted creek water, dew collection, etc.).

AMA Conference on Y2K

The following letter was written March 18, 1999 by a physician in Boulder, CO to the CEO of Boulder Community Hospital, outlining what he learned at an AMA regional Y2K seminar.A good overview about many of the problems facing hospitals, physicians, and the medical establishment.

Ed Yardeni's Questionnaire To Assess Year 2000 Compliance

Use this questionnaire to assess progress toward Year 2000 compliance of your own organization and everyone you depend on including vendors, customers, bankers, borrowers, distributors, utilities, transportation, government, maintenance, security, etc.

Y2K Reporter Questions
By Michael S. Hyatt
October 8, 1998

Seven questions that reporters can use whenever they are told by any organization that all is well and they are on track to get their Y2K project finished on time.

Consumer Products & the Year 2000:
A User's Guide

The Washington Post
August 2, 1998

How much trouble are the embedded chips in your car, VCR, camcorder, washingmachine, microwave, and hundreds of other household appliances going to cause you? THE WASHINGTON POST contacted droves of manufacturers to find out.

Computer Problems Similar to the Millennium Bug
that Have Already Happened

By Jon Huntress

This article contains a list of real-world computer horror stories.

"Year 2000 Meltdowns: They're Here"

An article by David Lohnes that appears in the September 1998 issue of Professional Insurance Agents Magazine. Lohnes describes a growing number of Y2K-related failures and disruptions.

Routine that Became a Meltdown
By Sue Ashton Davies, The Australian
June 30, 1998

This article describes the efforts of a team of 12 programmers who worked for nine months, manually sifting through millions of lines of code, to make a major Australian company Y2K compliant. When they advanced the system to January 7, 2000 to test their work, 750 programs unexpectedly fell over one another...

United Nations National Y2K Coordinators Meeting

December 11, 1998

A complete record of the first UN-sponsored meeting on Y2K. This website includes: Meeting Program, Media Advisory, Main Statements, Press Releases, Meeting Documentation, List of Participants and Chairman's Summary.

Y2K Committee Announces Survey Results
Measuring Y2K Preparedness of Nation's Largest Utilities

June 12, 1998

The Special Committee on the Year 2000 Technology Problem recently completed a survey of ten of the largest oil, gas, and electric utilities in the United States. The purpose of this survey was to determine the status of the utility industry in terms of its year 2000 (Y2K) preparedness.

How to Keep Y2K Programmers Happy

Ed Yourdon, the author of "Time Bomb 2000", describes how a company can keep its Y2K programmers happy -- and survive in the process.

An Open Letter to President Bill Clinton

A letter from author Carla Emery that outlines a plan for insuring there is adequate food during the Y2K crisis. Writes Carla, "Mr. President, I ask you, to immediately implement a plan to ensure a food supply to every city and community that could withstand a worst-case Y2K scenario. We have very little time in which to accomplish this. Any amount of preparation is better than none. I believe it is possible to accomplish storage of a six-month supply of nutritional essentials for the American population before Y2K hits by means of the following plan if it is begun immediately and completely...

Non-Compliant Product List

Y2K & Embedded Systems Case Studies

Four case studies that discuss a myriad of Y2K problems that surfaced in a pharmaceutical company, a major beverage company, a major automotive manufacturer, and a petroleum company.

Motorola's Alert on Date-Sensitive Semiconductors

A list of Motorola semiconductors that Motorola has determined are date sensitive.



Important Y2K Speeches:

The Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
Washington, D.C.
June 2, 1998

This watershed event was attended by some of the foremost Y2K experts in the world: Robert Bennett, Bradley Belt, Peter de Jager, Edward Yardeni, Alan Simpson, and others.

Robert Bennett
Chairman of the Senate Special Committee on the Year 2000
National Press Club Speech
July 15, 1998

President's Clinton's First Y2K Speech
National Academy of Sciences
July 14, 1998



Important Y2K Debates:

You're Sick of the Game! Well, now, that's a Shame
August 7, 1998

Peter de Jager, creator of the Year 2000 Information Center Website, encourages everyone to work hard to solve the Y2K problem rather than giving up and heading for the hills.

De Jager Gets Testy
August 7, 1998

Gary North's toasty reply to Jager's Call to Arms.



Important Y2K Hotlines

National 2000 Bug Hotline
1 (800) 2000 BUG

A hotline for "most" people who don't have Internet access, but do have a phone and a mail box! Call 1 (800) 2000 BUG.





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Sedona, AZ, USA 86339
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