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Wind & Wings 5
Friday, January 17, 1997
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"ANOTHER thought-provoking exploration
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The Whole Person

David Sunfellow

Dottie Titus

Gillian Holloway


Linda O'Keefe & Lance Botthof




"The cure of many diseases remains unknown to the physicians of Greece because they do not study the whole person."

---Socrates (470-399 BC)


By David Sunfellow

Dannion Brinkley is one of the most remarkable people on the planet today. Not only is his story unusually inspiring, but the man himself is something of a legend. James Redfield, the author of THE CELESTINE PROPHECY and a close friend of Brinkley's, describes him this way:

"Dannion's main theme is this: If we can dispel our fear of death, we can dispel our fear of life, our fear of living up to our fullest, most spiritual potential. Key to ending fear, he believes, is training people to help make the transition to death a loving, gentle, and normal experience. The people at several hospice associations tell me that he has already recruited more hospice volunteers than anyone in their histories.

"My own opinion, however, is that Dannion's contribution is even wider than that, for in spite of the fact that he is often loud and boisterous and casts into trees too much when fishing, the man is a model. Here in the 1990s, we are moving from a theoretical understanding of spirituality to actually living what we know, which can be very difficult. Somehow we have to understand and follow our intuitions, stay connected with our sense of mission, discern how and when to intervene in people's lives, and, above all, portray ourselves honestly to others whether they are skeptical or not. In this, Dannion has no equal. He spends much of his time on a variety of talk shows, bantering with professional debunkers, and he never retreats for a moment. 'You only have to kill me a couple times and I get the message,' he is fond of saying. 'We are great and powerful spiritual beings. And we are all beginning to realize it."

Who is Dannion Brinkley? And what makes him so special?

In 1994 Dannion Brinkley published a book detailing two remarkable near-death experiences. Called, "Saved by the Light," Brinkley's first book became a national best-seller and established him as one of the most original, enigmatic and thought-provoking people ever to appear in the human potential movement.

While a growing number of people are reporting near-death experiences, Brinkley's story contained several aspects that placed him in a category all by himself. In addition to passing through the classic phases associated with near-death experiences (see NHNE NEWS BRIEF 2), Brinkley also received a series of 117 dramatic predictions (see NHNE NEWS BRIEFS 1,2,7,8,9) -- and an unusual mission:

"The Being let me know what I was supposed to do back on Earth. I was to build centers where people could come to reduce stress in their lives. Through this reduction of stress, said the Being, humans would come to realize, 'as we do,' that they are higher spiritual beings. They would become less fearful and more loving of their fellow man." Brinkley felt that these centers could potentially change some of the dire predictions he received -- or, if not change them, at least help people gracefully pass through them.

In "Saved by the Light" Brinkley described the center he was being called to build. It consisted of seven rooms, and eight steps. The seven rooms were:

1. A therapy room in which people come together and talk to each other;

2. A massage room where people are massaged, and also massage others;

3. A sensory-deprivation chamber, which allowed people to relax and go deep within themselves;

4. A biofeedback room, where biofeedback machines let people see the extent to which they can control their emotions;

5. A room where psychic readings are done to provide people with personal insights;

6. A room with a "Klini" bed whose musical components relax a person so deeply that they can actually leave their body;

7. A reflection chamber made of polished steel or copper on the inside and shaped in such a way that the person inside can't see his own reflection.

After experiencing all seven rooms, the eighth and final step in Brinkley's process involved sending the person back to the Klini bed and reconnecting them to biofeedback instruments. Once a deep stage of relaxation had been reached, the person is then guided to a spiritual realm, while the biofeedback instruments help them realize the feelings required to reach the spiritual realm on their own.

Brinkley spent years recovering from his first near-death experience, which was precipitated by being struck by lightning. While slowly regaining his strength and mobility, Brinkley was regularly visited in his dreams by Beings that taught him how to build the center described above. The Klini bed, which Brinkley said was especially difficult to build, was the most important component of his stress-reduction centers. In "Saved by the Light" Brinkley said he eventually created a working model of the Klini bed. He also outlined plans to establish his first fully functional center in South Carolina.

In 1995 Brinkley published his second book, "At Peace in the Light." That book described how Brinkley spent two years living with Dr. Raymond Moody helping Moody with his "Theater of the Mind" project, which has many similarities to Brinkley's Center. Moody, author of "Life After Life" and "Reunions," is regarded as the world's foremost authority on near-death experiences. He became close friends with Brinkley in 1976 shortly after Brinkley's first near-death experience. Among other things, Moody claims to have heard Brinkley's predictions before any of them came true and witnessed, first hand, Brinkley's unnerving ability to read minds and accurately predict the future (gifts his near-death experience left him with). Brinkley, meanwhile, not only credits Moody with helping him salvage his life after his first near-death experience, but also with convincing him to undergo an operation that saved his life just prior to his second near-death experience.

Moody's Theater of the Mind arose out of an attempt to understand how a person can reach the spirit world without having to be dead or near dead. The most publicized aspect of Moody's Theater of the Mind is a special room called a "Psychomanteum." Moody's Psychomanteum is a room that is designed to help people contact spiritual forces, especially the spirits of those who have died. Similar to the reflection chamber that Brinkley described, the centerpiece of Moody's Psychomanteum is a mirror that has been carefully placed in a dark room. The mirror has been subtly lighted in a way that tends to alter normal perception. Similar techniques, involving pools of water, crystal balls and other reflective surfaces were used in ancient times.

After his two-year stay with Moody, Brinkley returned home to South Carolina and created his first fully functioning center. According to "At Peace in the Light," Brinkley's second center, a public one, is supposed to be completed in 1997.

While Brinkley and Moody have been busy creating sacred places that will allow people to get in touch with the more spiritual aspects of themselves, and life in general, others have also been busy. Started by Tom Dodd, THE SYNERGY CENTER has incorporated many of the components that Brinkley envisioned in his healing center. Originally a small, one-story hospital, Dodd transformed the old hospital building into a cutting-edge center for personal transformation. Along with massage therapy, Reiki healing, cranial-sacral alignment, chakra balancing, hypnotherapy, steam and dry-heat saunas, vegetarian meals, 45 acres of walking trails, wildlife, and a natural lake, and a bookstore that carries everything from books and tapes to Edgar Cayce remedies, THE SYNERGY CENTER also offers Brinkley's Klini bed, Moody's Psychomanteum, a floatation tank and a special mandala room.

Joby Brown, a woman who describes herself as "an ordinary grandmother," recently visited THE SYNERGY CENTER and shared her experience on Brinkley's Klini bed:

"For a few minutes I just seemed to enjoy the music, ordinary thoughts came and went. Then gradually I seemed to be getting glimpses of other times, other places. I had the feeling these were 'clips' of my former incarnations. Part of my mind focused on trying to remember everything I was 'seeing.' There were scenes from every part of the world except Japan/China. I guess I never lived there. There were scenes where I was male, female, young, old, every kind of possibility. There must have 25 or 30 fleeting glimpses. I was an Eskimo, a camel driver, an African princess. At one point I was an enormous blue whale.

"At no time did I lose awareness of my body. It was like I was seeing myself in these pictures rather than actually being there. Then I became a colossal rainbow, shimmering and glowing. I was a cosmic goddess, strewing stars about the universe like rose petals. I was the ocean. I was swirls of energy making colored patterns throughout all creation. I was a creator, shaping a planet out of a ball of luminous clay. Then I became a brilliant point of light, floating around like a butterfly from star to star; whirling, dancing in eternity. I could feel the music in every cell. The part of me that was trying to 'record' everything was on overload. It was wonderful.

"The music changed then to piano and/or harp. I saw myself as a young girl, dancing in the moonlight. I was wearing a simple tunic of white, or maybe silver. I moved slowly from flower to tree, in love with everything around me. As I danced, I began to float up into the clouds. I was filled such joy, my heart light as a feather.

"Gradually I began to realize that angels were gathering all around me. Soon there were dozens of them, all looking at me with total love. I was surrounded and enfolded with absolute acceptance, I felt their true joy to be with me, to see me, to be able to share unconditional absolute 'belongingness.'

"I was still aware of my physical body on the bed, but I was also immersed in the glory that was happening around me. My physical body sobbed and shook and tears ran down into my ears and soaked my foam ear plugs. The sweetness and beauty were indescribable, and the emotion just kept getting more and more intense, and I knew that this was called spiritual ecstasy, and it was the most glorious feeling I have ever experienced. The music started to change a little, and the angels began fading away. The last thing I heard was a soft voice saying 'This is what life is supposed to feel like. This is LOVE.'" [For a complete description of Brown's THE SYNERGY CENTER experiences, you can visit <http://www.synergycenter.com/syn.html>, or email her at: "sunflower@pnx.com"]

While not everyone has experiences like the one described by Brown, extraordinary experiences do seem to be the order of the day. Believers and sceptics alike have reported profound experiences using Brinkley's Klini bed, Moody's Psychomanteum and many of the other innovative personal growth systems mentioned in this article. More profound, however, may be the fact that these new personal growth systems are rapidly spreading, helping spawn a growing number of holistic healing centers like those envisioned by Brinkley. Where will it all end? Will the remaining global upheavals predicted by Brinkley be eased or averted by the new breed of stress-reduction centers? Will the breakthroughs in consciousness being reported by people using these new medias have any kind of long-term affect on their personal lives and, by extension, the planet as a whole?

The only thing that is certain at this point is that another major force for spiritual awakening is quickly gaining ground. What began a few years ago with a bolt of lightning (in Brinkley's case), and decades before with dreams, visions and psychic readings (in the case of other visionaries like Edgar Cayce), is now a reality that is rapidly catching fire and spreading. As Brinkley points out in "At Peace in the Light":

"I have come to realize that I am not the only one who has received information about The Centers. During the course of the last twenty years, my path has crossed with many people who have had inspirations that relate to the centers. I have talked to people who have had spiritual experiences in which they were instructed to build centers similar to the one I was instructed to build. I have even talked to people who have developed beds for the same purpose as the one the Spirit Beings indicated to me. It was almost as though the Spirit Beings shot-gunned the information to people all around the world and then left us to find each other."

In future issues of WIND & WINGS, Mary Dodd, co-founder of THE SYNERGY CENTER, will be discussing various aspects of this remarkably important work.

Saved by the Light
P.O. Box 13255
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
WWW: http://www.harpercollins.com/releases/peaceh.htm

911 S. Helen St
Overton Texas 75684
Phone: 903-834-4258
eMail: tom@synergycenter.com
WWW: http://www.synergycenter.com


By Dottie Titus

Pathwork Lecture #169
"The Masculine & Feminine Principles in the Creative Process"

In this lecture, the Pathwork Guide gets very specific about how important recognition of our creative abilities is and about how we create. The Guide says that human beings not only possess the universal creative power but also express it. "Coming into your own means the deliberate, conscious, purposeful use of the creative power which you are and which emanates from you. For, unconsciously and unknowingly, without realizing it, you constantly create your life circumstances with this power. What you think and feel, what you believe and conceive of, what you secretly wish and fear -- all of this shapes and determines creative substance. And all of this IS the motor force of this power."

The lecture says that the self-realized individual knows exactly how he creates his life and that there comes a point when "man connects with his unconscious blocks and subsequently comprehends his obstructions and unhappiness in life. This is a great moment, when an individual suddenly understands that he has done it, how he has done it and what is the secret attitude that has produced the unwelcome fate, so that it is no longer blind fate and he can connect cause and effect. From that moment on, man ceases to be helpless. He has never been helpless in regard to any force or power outside himself. But he is helpless against his own inner processes until he recognizes and changes them." This, then, is why it is so important for us to take responsibility for the life we have created, for the situations we have endured. We ARE responsible for them. With this knowledge comes the power to change and make our lives happier, more fulfilling.

How do we create? There are two basic aspects to the creative process: The first is activation, and the second is letting it happen. As the Guide says, "First, you activate, then you get 'out of the way' and let it happen. This creative principle exists throughout the entire universe and manifests in everything in your life..." If what we create is constructive, joyful, pleasurable, then we have used these principles, or aspects, in a harmonious way. If our creation is destructive and painful, then these two aspects do not function harmoniously in us.

What is activation? "To activate means that the conscious entity deliberately issues, claims, sets in motion, moves toward, causes, determines, makes happen, uses purposefully, the forces at his disposal. He does so by knowing of these forces and calling them into action... by removing all possible obstruction and by doing himself whatever is necessary. Effort and endeavor are an integral part of setting the creative forces in motion... this represents the masculine principle in creation."

Letting it be takes the form of being receptive and waiting. "It is also a movement, for nothing that is alive can possibly be not moving, but the type of movement is a very different one from the movement of the activating principle. The activating principle moves itself out toward another state; the spirit of letting it be is a movement within itself. It is a pulsating, involuntary movement, while the movement of activation is deliberate and self-determining... The consciousness of the attitude of letting it be is one of patience, of trustful waiting, of letting a ripening process come to fruition, one of surrender to a force set in motion. This may be called the feminine principle in creation."

When we create painful situations, we are distorting the rightful use of these forces. We distort the activation aspect when we become forcing, when we try to "make it happen" or when we use rage or violence to get what we want. We distort the letting it happen aspect when we become passive and refuse to take self-responsibility, when we let others be responsible for us or blame others for our lives.

For most of us, there are some areas of our lives where we create beautifully. Think about these and see how the active and receptive principles function there. Then think about areas of your life that are not working so well, and again consider how you may be distorting these principles. To create harmoniously is a matter, for me, of deciding what I want (active), putting out into the universe my heartfelt desire for it (active), then waiting in trust for it to happen (receptive) and being open to it happening in a way totally different from what I expect (receptive).

One of the most useful ways to work with this is to think of an area where you are not fulfilled despite your belief that you want it with all your heart. Focus on your desire for the outcome for several minutes; feel your longing. Then imagine it happening exactly as you wish it to. As you do this, don't go into daydreams or fantasies. Do it consciously, and note what feelings come up. Odds are that you will find resistance to the outcome you believe you want or you will find feelings coming up that are not helpful in this process. When I tried this in relation to a period in my life of not earning enough money, I was amazed to discover my resistance to abundance was because I would have to give up my view of myself as a victim. I had recently freed myself from that image in an important part of my life, and it found another part of my life to attach to -- my money or lack thereof. Within just a month of seeing this distortion and resistance, my income began to increase and is now nearly double what it was then. This process really works!!!


Dottie Titus is the Director of the SEVENOAKS PATHWORK CENTER in Madison, Virginia. Having completed the five-year Pathwork Transformation Program and the four-year Pathwork Helper Training Program at SEVENOAKS, Dottie is also a Pathwork Counselor. In addition, she facilitates a Pathwork study group online. If you would like to join the Pathwork study group, you can write Dottie at: pathwork@aol.com.

If you would like to find out more about Eva Pierrakos and the Pathwork lectures, an NHNE Special Report on the subject is available in the database section of the NHNE web site:

THE PATHWORK NEW YORK REGION also has a Web site at:


By Gillian Holloway

Many people find recurring dreams annoying and perplexing, particularly those involving actions and settings that make no rational sense. Crashing elevators, endless high school exams or forgetting to wear clothes to work are not events most of us encounter. Why then does the mind fix on a melodrama, or absurd situation and present it with compelling intensity again and again?

Generally recurring dreams reflect the psyche's attempt to create closure with an emotional dilemma, or to digest and assimilate insight from life experiences. Long feared to be a sign of hidden trauma or mental illness, recurring dreams are actually often a sign of healthy struggle toward balance and understanding. Conscious recognition of the metaphor in a dream often brings its hidden gifts to light and eliminates the "need" for the dream to return. High achievers recognize themselves in the tested teenager and learn to balance their drive for perfection. Reticent souls who always lose their teeth in dreams find the time and place to speak their truth, and delight in discovering they have "outgrown" their dental nightmares.

But sometimes it isn't possible to recognize the real life counterpart of your evening drama. The dream is clear enough, but the subject matter is not, though the sense of urgency behind the dream is undeniable. In such cases you can still become an active partner with your dream and help create the balance it seeks. Transformation Dreamwork is a technique for rewriting scary or frustrating dreams, and healing the pain they represent. While it appears simple and even fun, for many been it has been a potent source of resolution and joy.

Using the dream as a starting point, begin to create a new version of the same drama, but this time add whatever will resolve the problem or heal the crisis (wisdom, courage, forgiveness, rescue, or perfect love). Most people write their new drama, although some prefer to paint, draw, sculpt or work with a sand tray. Any medium of representation will work, but it is important to create an external production of the resolved dream story.

Don't think of the artistic medium involved. It is an inner art you're creating, and its alchemy is not impacted merely by visual qualities, but by your own connection with the meaning you give the work. Do anything necessary to insure you find satisfaction in the story line. Permit yourself any degree of corny heroism and whatever superhuman powers you require. Draw upon miraculous support: a passing genius, talking animals, or a host of angels. Just make sure you are involved in a hearty resolution of the dreams' drama. Once you have revamped the story, and created an emotionally satisfying resolution, set your dream production aside for awhile.

At three or four different times throughout the day, return to the transformed dream and re-imagine it. Some day-dream in a meditative state, some find it important to speak aloud the new story, while still others re-enact the drama with puppet-like symbols of various kinds. A non-critical focus, and the willingness to embrace heroic possibilities are all you need. Do as many repetitions as you like, for as many days as you like. Most people find that doing three sessions per day leaves them feeling "complete" in one to three days. Using this technique, you will likely notice the original dream either disappears or is quite altered and improved if it arises again.

This is not a way to eliminate dreams you "don't like" for trivial reasons, but a powerful method to rework the constructs that gave rise to the recurring dream. We have all had a turn at being haunted by something that would not show its face, yet refused to go away. This is one approach to heal, forgive, and release that specter, which can work effectively whether or not you ever know its name.


Gillian Holloway, Ph.D., is a Dream Analyst with a comprehensive World Wide Web site dedicated to dreams and dreamwork. Called, "LIFETREKS: DREAM INTERPRETATION SERVICES & RESOURCES," Gillian's site is full of valuable information, insights and resources concerning dreams. Along with creating and maintaining a Web site, Gillian is also a dream author, lecturer and counselor. If you have any interesting dreams you would like to share, Gillian's site also has a section dedicated to the "Dream of the Month."

eMail: gholloway@lifetreks.com
WWW: http://www.lifetreks.com/~dreams



Linda O'Keefe & Lance Botthof

What is freedom? Good question. A movie we recently saw summed it up for us as "that out of the park home run over the fence, reach for the stars, bigger than life" kind of feeling we get when we're just being ourselves -- and it's alright just because. So how do we create that feeling of freedom in our relationships with others? Another good question. Although easier to write and talk about than to integrate into our behavior, the answer is probably already on the tip of your tongue. Right?

If you're anything like us (and you probably are since we are all in this relationship thing together) you undoubtedly spend a good part of your day dealing with the demands and reactions of others. But how often do we honestly allow ourselves to say "no" or just become aware that we are putting the requests or demands of others ahead of our own needs. There are some fairly fancy words for this, but suffice it to say that most of us bleed off a lot of our energy in the pursuit of making others happy. We're not suggesting that you tell your boss or your aunt Sarah or your spouse to take a flying leap. To the contrary, much like you would balance on a log while crossing a fast moving stream, we must all learn how to assert what's important to us without dishonoring the other person with whom we are in relationship. Some logs are skinnier than others, but with awareness and practice we can make a self empowering stand for ourselves, while at the same time respecting the ability of others to do the same thing.

Imagine being in a relationship with another human being who is trying their hand at the same sort of self care. The result can create true miracles. Suddenly, we don't feel blamed because we no longer have a reason to blame others. We feel safe because we're able to share ourselves honestly and hopefully listen to others while they are doing the same. We are getting a real taste of "being" who we are and eliciting the support of others to follow our lead.

As we've said in previous columns, most of us didn't experience this kind of role modeling when we were growing up. Therefore, it entails learning some new behavior dictated by a strong desire to live/be in life more fully. Once we realize and experience our ability to express and "care for" ourselves emotionally, even before we witness the same in others, we will feel a freedom that is unparalleled.


Linda O'Keefe and Lance Botthof together have nearly 20 years of personal recovery and counseling experience. Their marriage partnership is founded in a deep commitment to continued personal growth. They seek to share their inspiration with others interested in discovering the power of relationships. Their "Options For Growth" site on the World Wide Web is dedicated to empowering others towards this end. Included therein, is information on a "Relationship Help Line", designed to help callers with relationship concerns and "Life Shift", a two to four day personal & spiritual growth intensive held in Sedona, Arizona. Linda and Lance can be reached at the following:

P.O. Box 65145
Tucson, AZ, USA 85728-5145
Phone: (520) 615-1449
eMail: options@rtd.com
WWW: http://nen.sedona.net/options


David Sunfellow

Gillian Holloway
Linda O'Keefe & Lance Botthof
Dottie Titus
Mary Dodd
Bob Manrodt



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